The Little Bird Man

A short story of fiction, which I have little to no recollection of writing, recently found in my writing folder on Google drive, dated 2015. The line – beyond the veil is something I would have written and judging by some of its original spelling errors (souring as opposed to soaring lol) yep, it must be me – dead giveaway! Anyway it reminds me of my second home in Spain, a rooftop apartment, in El Puerto, which I lived in around the time this was written! This is why you should always date your work and sign it so you don’t feel like an imposter when publishing!

The Little Bird Man.

He could only be seen by the unconscious eye. I saw him once, in the early afternoon whilst writing at my desk. My desk faces the window and I was gazing up at the sky above the rooftops and over the antenna that obscured my total vision. There he was, at first a bird then transformed in the blink of an eye; into a small figurine of a man. He gently glided to the support wire of the house opposite and perched for a while. He was small and only a delicate silhouette, like a fairy. In a second he was gone, soaring back up into the sky. It’s as if he appeared to tell me something. Was I looking for somewhere to perch? Was I eternally floating in the sky ? Was he an omen? Was the little bird man trying to remind me that I still had the gift of seeing beyond the veil between worlds?

Copyright. © 2021 Lucy Jane Lilley

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