The rabbit hole

Chapter 2 of Alice in the Jungle.

Coneybury Farm, England, Spring 2012

With so much time to think, the internet was a welcome distraction. The internet sped in all directions, just as the rabbit warrens did, criss crossing under the house and across the farmland. Man-made warrens built to trap, sell and consume. At dusk, you could still see little white and brown rabbits hopping in an erratic way, blinded by disease, sensing their way back down. The web is exactly that, a complex structure, a tunnel through which you can travel in all directions and easily lose your way. I was a blind rabbit, I could see no end, I just followed the threads that took me all over social media until I stumbled upon messages of praise left by The White Rabbit who now had emerged from the faceless list of online acquaintances to suddenly, out of the blue, become reacquainted. My mindless wanderings halted; The chase was on. I was intrigued.

He lived in Costa Rica.  

My bedroom began to feel awfully small and dark.  The light from my screen got brighter and brighter. I squinted, and snapped the laptop shut. I flopped back into bed with such force, the bed shook and the floorboards creaked. “I’m falling so quickly”, I thought to myself as I pulled the blankets around me and rolled over.

Written and Illustrated by: Lucy Lilley

Copyright. © 2021 Lucy Jane Lilley

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