My History

Photographed by my husband Pablo Bernardo

Wow! You found me! Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Lucy. I call myself Lulu, usually when I´m telling myself off for forgetting something important. Many people ask me, Why Spain? Why El Puerto? I struggle with these questions as I´m not entirely sure how I came to live here, marry a Spanish man, rescue a dog and live in a cabin in the woods. Some might say, it was just destiny. I say “It’s a long story”.  So with this in mind I decided to begin tracing back to the very beginning and wrote my shortish memoir about the time my life went plop and I found myself at my mother’s having to calve out a whole new plan which later involved a travel of a lifetime and on my return, the mind spinning decision to move abroad for good and transition from Textile Artist to English teacher and back again.

The term of phrase ‘never look back’ has never rung true for me. I’ve been writing poetry, keeping diaries and making memory scrapbooks as long as I can remember, mostly as a tool to understand myself better so not to repeat the same mistakes and simply to never forget the special moments. If I’m not looking back, I´m leaping into the future, dreaming of what could be or when the next adventure may come, but saying that, I have finally settled, life is still dreamy but in bitesize chunks. Time is spent on my beloved interests in sewing, drawing or writing absolutely anything I put my mind to, thus opening myself up to the world and showing you what’s going on under that colourful surface. So with that, I sincerely hope you enjoy my memoir Alice in the Jungle, other short memoirs, accompanying illustrations and hopefully, my future and past makes x Please share your thoughts in the comments and feel free to share my site. 

Much love

Lu x

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